12th February 2017

The World’s Best Binary Brokers for Quality Trading Experiences

Discover the best binary sites & binary options brokers on the market and enjoy a world class trading experience. Find out exactly where to head for the total service package with our in-depth reviews, analysis and informative articles. Work with the best binary broker for your own trading style and preferences, enhance your knowledge and become the very best trader you can be. If you’re looking to make sense of an increasingly complex binary options brokerage market, you’ve come to the right place!

best binary sites and options graphsIndependently analysing and assessing the market’s best-known binary options brokers is a long and complicated task. In order to determine which brokers are worthy of your business and which are best avoided, we take into account every key consideration and variable of importance to traders. Of the thousands of trading platforms operating on a global basis, we firmly believe that only a select few are worthy of your time, your money and your trust. Which is why we have invested heavily in creating a comprehensive online resource, via which you can cut straight to the best binary brokers in business and avoid substandard service providers. Our sole priority is directing you to the very best trading experiences on the web with our honest, objective and 100% independent binary options reviews.

What Are Binary Options?
Binary options represent an innovative and modern approach to trading where there can only ever be two possible outcomes. In the simplest of terms, you select the asset you wish to work with and predict whether or not its value will be higher or lower at the end of a specific time period. Wikipedia already explains the in-depth detail of what Binary Options are, and so does this Investopedia article.

For example, you may decide to enter into a trade with gold and predict that after exactly 30 minutes, the price of gold will be higher than it is now. You decide how much you want to invest, you wait for the result and if the price of gold is indeed higher at the end of the time period, you make a profit. This can be anything from around 60% up to 90% of your initial investment, or even more depending on the specifics of the trade.

These time periods are known as ‘expiry times’ and can be selected from as little as 30 seconds up to several months. Most binary options brokers provide access to a wide variety of tradable assets, including stocks, commodities, indices and Forex currency pairs. Given the way in which the basic principles of binary options trading are so simple, it represents a uniquely accessible approach to trading that is suitable for newcomers with no experience required.

Making Money with the Best Binary Sites with Binary Options

As there can only ever be two possible outcomes with binary trading, it is perfectly suited to newcomers. However, becoming successful with binary options means investing the required time and effort in the research and education processes. As with all types of trading across the board, the more you know about the assets and markets you work with, the higher the likelihood of making accurate predictions.

The simplicity of binary options trading makes it an ideal pursuit to take part in alongside an everyday job during your spare time. While some choose to trade full-time, the vast majority of binary options traders trade on a more casual basis, investing just a few hours of their time every week. Binary options in general are so flexible that the possibilities are limitless.

How We Assess Each Binary Broker
What makes us different is the way in which we go beyond the basics to focus on what really matters. With hundreds of binary options brokers all competing for your business, it can be difficult to know which to trust. As such, we put the biggest names in binary options to the test with a rigorous evaluation process, along with any newcomers to the market and independent names we think you need to hear about.

Providing the very best binary sites and binary options trading experience should be relatively simple. All that’s needed is a user-friendly platform, plenty of features and a strong asset library, quality customer service, outstanding account security and as many learning resources as possible. Most binary options brokers excel in certain areas, but only a select few deliver the total package. It’s our job to ensure that all essential boxes are ticked, in order to point you in the direction of brokers you can rely on.

Key Considerations
When going about our reviews and assessments, there are certain key considerations we take into account above and beyond all others. These are the considerations we know to be of the most critical importance to traders at all levels, adding up to the very best possible binary options trading experience. Just a few examples include:

Safety and Security: Nothing matters more than providing a trading experience that is fundamentally safe and secure. This means ensuring that all necessary measures are taken to protect both the personal information of traders working with the platform and their finances stored with the broker.

Quality Platform: There are various components that add up to a quality binary options trading platform. The best binary sites include fast and reliable performance, a simple and enjoyable user experience, easy access to the tools and features available and zero slowdowns during peak hours.

Bonus Offers: We believe only in the kinds of bonus offers that are of value, rather than those that attach dangerously severe terms and conditions.
Assets and Options: The number of tradable assets available is not as important as the quality of the assets made available by the broker. Ideally, there should be a perfect balance of quality and quantity. In addition, the broker should provide access to a wide variety of different types of options, such as 60-second options, ladder options, no-touch options and so on. The more flexibility and variety, the better.

Customer Service: The quality of the customer service provided from one broker to the next can differ exponentially. Not only in terms of the capabilities of the customer service team, but also the way in which some companies make it much more difficult than others to get in touch in the first place. The very best binary sites on the market offer 24/7 customer service of the highest possible standard, along with various methods of getting in touch as and when required.

Regulation: Though not considered mandatory, most leading traders believe that it is sensible to only work with binary brokers that are fully licensed and regulated. While regulations alone do not necessarily guarantee the best binary sites on the market, it nonetheless adds an element of safety and security to the package.

Learning Resources: A good binary options broker should be dedicated to the education and advancement of its customers. This is demonstrated in the provision of extensive learning resources and educational materials, which should be freely available to all customers upon signing up with the company.

Demo Accounts: Being able to trade with virtual currency before putting any of your own money on the line can be extremely helpful – especially for those with little or no prior experience in binary options trading. We always show preference to binary options brokers that offer demo account facilities, particularly when such facilities are available free of charge.

Mobile Trading: When it comes to trading on the go, most brokers these days offer some kind of mobile trading experience, though quality and reliability differs enormously from one to the next.

Broker Summaries

Here are some of the best binary sites we’ve encountered during our research.

One of the most instantly recognisable household names in the world of binary options trading with a global reputation and a growing list of high-profile partnerships. 24Option is known for providing customers with a truly outstanding trading platform and has one of the best binary sites, superb learning resources and one of the most impressive customer service teams in the business. In terms of safety and security, brokers don’t come much better.

Big Option
A prime example of a contemporary binary options broker that has managed to make a solid name for itself, despite operating without regulation. Big Option offers customers an incredibly polished and professional-looking platform, an extensive list of available assets and carries the prestige of having once being named the most reliable broker of the year by FX Empire.

IQ Option
Perhaps the single most outstanding binary options broker of our time, allowing new customers to sign up for as little as $10. With its 100% free of charge demo account, sublime platform, remarkable customer service and complete lack of misleading bonuses, IQ Option performs at a level that goes above and beyond pretty much every one of its rivals.

The team behind TopOption recently gave the platform as a whole a spectacular overhaul, now focusing on the phenomenon that is social trading. Along with a brilliant library of educational resources and a superb mobile experience, TopOption is by a wide margin one of the very best social trading platforms the market has seen to date. Anyone interested in copy trading or social trading really should check out what’s on offer.

TR Binary Options
An updated and enhanced reincarnation of the legendary TradeRush binary options platform, TR Binary Options brings a whole host of new and improved features and functionalities to the table. The TR Binary Options Academy is definitely one of the best educational facilities currently available, while the extensive range of option types and generous asset library both add further acclaim to this leading service provider.

With a pedigree dating all the way back to 2008, EZTrader has been in business longer than most. Boasting an impressive mobile application, the offer of risk-free trades for newcomers and a library of extremely helpful learning resources, EZTrader proved itself to be a definite contender. An absolutely ideal choice for newcomers with account options available from as little as $10.

An extremely popular and successful binary options broker with a strong focus on the education and development of its customers. Some of the key features brought to the table by Finpari include an extremely generous asset library, a SpotOption platform that is incredibly easy to work with and the customer service team we found to be enthusiastic and professional.

A binary options broker that completely reinvented itself at the beginning of 2017, the OptionFair of today really could not be more different than before. Wall-to-wall improvements including an all-new guaranteed 100% payout rate on all successful trades adds up to an innovative and forward thinking broker that is definitely worth checking out.

Porter Finance
With a platform that enables traders to enter into options with just $5 on the line, Porter Finance is a definite contender for both newcomers and those with limited finances with which to trade. This is also a company that has made a name for itself for providing a stellar mobile trading experience, not to mention excellent learning materials for traders at all levels.

Redwood Options
A name that will no doubt be familiar with anyone with any kind of experience in binary trading, Redwood Options is going just as strong today as it was when it arrived in 2013. A brand that has always been committed to simplicity, a user-friendly trading experience and the advancement of its customers, Redwood Options is also great for newcomers thanks to its low minimum trade amount of just $5.

Making the Right Choice

With such an extensive range of service providers competing for your business, we highly recommend taking your time and considering each important element of the service package, before going ahead. While it is comparatively rare to fall foul of an outright scam, this doesn’t mean that certain binary options brokers don’t put their own interests before those of their customers.
Check out our reviews and recommendations in full, along with our additional resources and supplementary guidelines on how to get the best out of every binary options trading experience using the best binary sites.