23rd February 2017


When it comes to media exposure and global fame, there are certain binary options brokers that tower over others. One prime example being 24Option – you can’t go anywhere these days without seeing or hearing this particular binary brand. In an industry that’s both overcrowded and rather heavily populated with shady operators, it’s hard not to find yourself immediately buying into these kinds of household names. But at the same time, any experienced trader will tell you that all the hype on Earth doesn’t necessarily add up to anything of value in real life.

Which begs the question – is 24Option all bark and no bite?

The answer…well, it’s pretty obvious after spending no more than a minute or two checking out what’s on offer and researching the brand. Not only has 24Option stacked up an incredible array of awards and accolades over the years, but they have also scored some of the most prestigious sponsorship and partnership deals imaginable. Boris Becker has been the face of the brand for quite some time now, 24Option is one of the official partners of Juventus football club and they more recently became an official partner of UFC champion Conor McGregor. So you’d like to think that if names like these are happy to back 24Option, you must be looking at the real deal.
And for the most part, you very much are – 24Option means business and gets business done.

Pure Professionalism

A few seconds on the 24Option home page and you know that you are most certainly not dealing with amateur hour. Quite to the contrary, the whole thing is nothing short of gorgeous and it is clear that extensive amounts of both time and money have been invested in creating a spectacular user interface. The platform itself has received multiple awards for its reliability, flexibility and the way in which it makes trading an absolute joy. It has an almost luxurious feeling to it and caters to the needs of all traders at all levels.

As for the actual trading types available, 24Option take things relatively simple with the provision of High/Low, One Touch, No Touch, Boundary and Short Term options. Expiry times at the shorter end of the scale are taken to extremes, beginning at just 15 seconds. However, longer-term options are not exactly covered to any real extent by 24Option, limited to end-of-day as the longest available. Still, most trading styles and preferences are catered to by what’s on offer.

And while payout maximums of around 82% are certainly not the highest you’ll come across, they are at least realistic and honest.

Free Learning Tools

One of the things we absolutely loved about the 24Option package is the brand’s extensive education centre. For one thing, there are no less than 12 instructional videos available, covering the needs of beginners, intermediates and advanced traders alike. On top of this, there’s a pretty fantastic eBook for traders to download, which again features superbly helpful insights for traders at most levels. But what’s even more impressive is the way in which all of these educational resources are available 100% free of charge to anyone – no signups required. This is extremely rare to come across, as in the vast majority of instances you are expected to first sign up and deposit money, before being granted access to any learning resources whatsoever.

All of which immediately highlights 24Option as a potentially ideal binary options broker for newcomers. Which is something further extended by the fact that they have an unlimited demo account available, which provides access to absolutely every feature on offer without having to put real money on the line.  The only problem being that just as is the case with many other brokers, you cannot access the demo account without first signing up for a real money account. This means depositing a minimum of $250 into your account, in order to open up the demo feature. Regardless of how fantastic everything else may be, this is something we genuinely do not agree with.

Account Options and Bonuses

There are currently five different account types available at 24Option, which start out with the $250 Basic Account and go as high as the $15,000 Diamond Account. Each account type comes with its own unique perks, but it’s nice to see that 24Option doesn’t totally short-change lower-level account holders in favour of those who invest higher sums. VIP members of course get the most perks, but there’s also plenty on offer for those further down the ladder. In addition, 24Option offers Islamic accounts to cater to the needs of as many traders as possible.

Depending on how you choose to sign up, you may be offered a welcome bonus to the tune of up to 100% the sum of your deposit. However, we highly recommend accessing and considering all applicable terms and conditions before going ahead, given the way in which high trading volume requirements may make it impossible to access any of your funds should you choose to accept the bonus offer. On the plus side, 24Option hosts regular competitions that are 100% free of charge to enter in some cases, with prizes ranging from tickets to prestigious football games right through to enormous cash payouts.

Moving on, one feature that particularly stood out to us and seems to be a firm favourite among 24Option customers is the company’s “Buy Back” option. In the simplest of terms, what this basically means is that if you find yourself on the road to failure with an open option, you have the opportunity to cash out at any time up to 5 minutes before its expiration. Doing so will mean you’ll get at least some of your money back, which is far better than riding it out knowing fully well that you are going to lose everything.

Mobile App and Customer Care

There’s absolutely nothing that can be said about the 24Option mobile application other than it is simply outstanding. Really – you are not going to come across a more capable, enjoyable or reliable mobile application for binary trading right now – 24Option’s is just about as good as it gets.

24Option promises customers a dedicated 24/7 customer support service and that’s exactly what they deliver. Prompt responses, professional staff and an enthusiastic attitude at all times – top marks all round.  

The Upside
Chances are that whatever your preferences are when it comes to binary options trading, you will be entirely won over by what’s on offer at 24Option. Just a few other benefits include an incredibly enjoyable and reliable platform, fantastic customer service around the clock, plenty of features and a solid asset library, the ability to check out the learning resources without having to first sign up and one of the best mobile applications out there.

The Downside
Unfortunately, even a name as prestigious as 24Option doesn’t quite qualify as flawless. In order to do so, they’d need to first make that excellent demo account available 100% free of charge, make the bonus terms and conditions a little clearer and perhaps allow new customers to sign up for less than $250.

While there are definitely a couple of areas that could do with being improved at 24Option, the overall picture is one of a service provider that goes above and beyond most with a truly impressive package. This is one of the rare instances in which the hype is well and truly justified and deserved. 24Option is a fully licensed, fully regulated broker of the highest calibre with a strong reputation for delivering on its promises.  

It’s a shame new customers have to deposit a minimum of $250 and it’s even more unfortunate that the demo account isn’t made freely available, without first having to make a deposit. Still, if you can look past the slight issues, pretty much everything else that’s on offer is genuinely impressive and difficult to beat.

Contact Information:
Customer Service –  +44 161 960 0200
Email – [email protected]
Live Chat – via https://www.24option.com/eu/contact-us-eu/