23rd February 2017


Quite a lot of traders and certainly most regulatory authorities will tell you that to work with an unregulated binary options broker represents risky business of the highest order. When a broker isn’t regulated, there is technically no way of knowing ahead of time whether or not they are all they appear to be. Instead, it’s up to you to find out – even if doing so means losing out in the process.

Still, we’re firm believers in the importance of judging binary options brokers on merit and performance, rather than regulatory status alone. In the case of Finpari, this represents yet another example of a binary options broker currently in operation without any kind of regulation. Given the fact that they have been in business since 2014 and are still unregulated, this would seem to suggest that regulation doesn’t represent a priority for this particular company.

Nevertheless, they have an extremely large client base and at first glance at least appear to be delivering the goods. As such, we figured we would give Finpari a closer inspection, pushing to one side for the time being at least the fact that they do not currently carry regulated status.

User Interface

While it definitely seems to be a crowd-splitter, we personally enjoyed working with Finpari and found the design of the user-interface to be highly impressive. It doesn’t leap out at you as the most technologically advanced or visually stunning platform you’re likely to come across, but nor does a platform have to be to deliver a great experience. On the whole, everything looks the part and the user experience is streamlined, simplified and easy to get to grips with. With everything having been constructed using the market-leading SpotOption trading platform, you pretty much know what you’re in for in terms of performance.

As for the trading itself, the asset library currently features somewhere in the region of 100 entries – all of which have been hand selected and verified by Finpari for quality and relevance. Getting started with Finpari means depositing a minimum of $250 – three account options being available in total with the highest-end account requiring a minimum deposit of $19,000. Each account type comes with its own unique perks and privileges, which include risk-free trades, personal account management and access to various educational resources.

Paid Demo Account

Something else that becomes available upon signing up for any account is the Finpari demo account. If you’re familiar with our take on things, you will probably be aware of the fact that we really do not condone or understand the practice of first making new customers deposit cash, before allowing them to see what’s on offer by way of a demo facility. The way we see it, any broker that is confident enough in what they have to offer should be able to provide demo account free of charge, with no initial deposit or payment required. Still, not everybody sees it this way and it’s worth pointing out that the Finpari demo account is at least solid and fully featured.

Also available to customers of Finpari at all levels is an automated trading feature, made available due to the fact that this particular broker is partnered with BinaryOptionsRobot. However, we have to state that it is important to exercise a great deal of caution when it comes to working with any automated trading bots whatsoever. If you have any interest in doing so, be sure to check out as many reviews and recommendations as possible from real life traders before going ahead

Bonuses and Promotions

For those interested in making the most of the bonuses and promotions available, Finpari has for some time stuck with the same system. The long and short of it being that the amount you choose to deposit in the first place will determine the size of your bonus, which has the potential to go as high as 100%. Nevertheless, it’s advisable to proceed with caution as just as is the case elsewhere, turnover requirements apply.

For example, if you do not take any of the bonus offers available, withdrawals are permitted after satisfying a 1X turnover requirement. Upon accepting a bonus, you agree to the 3X turnover requirements before being able to withdraw any profits. But when it comes to withdrawing both your deposit and the bonus funds themselves, turnover requirements increase to 20X. For most traders therefore, it could potentially work out much easier and less expensive not to bother with any of these bonuses in the first place.

On the plus side, Finpari does at least have a solid reputation for holding regular competitions, on-going promotions and deals that are not quite as restrictive as these.

False Promises?

In our experience, trading with Finpari turned out to be largely enjoyable. The trading instruments available include pairs, long-term options, 60-second options, one touch, ladder and spot follow options with an extensive variety of expiry times. The platform came across as intuitive, maximum payouts averaged around 80% and there was also a welcome refund facility available on losing trades, paying back between 0% and 15%, depending on the specifics of the trade.

However, we came across a couple of rather confusing elements to the site which even today we cannot make sense of. For one thing, in both our experience and apparently that of many other traders, promises of the fastest withdrawals on the market – processed in less than 1 hour – do not seem to be kept. It could be that the actual initial processing of the transaction takes less than 60 minutes, but the actual withdrawal times themselves are no better than elsewhere…three business days being the average.

On top of this, we really weren’t impressed to see that at the bottom of the home page, you can clearly see a badge that states that this is in fact a regulated broker. As it has been established and acknowledged that they are not in fact regulated, the fact that they are giving the impression that they are does not exactly inspire confidence. On top of this, we came across quite a few careless errors and oversights with regard to the quality of the site’s copy in general, which once again doesn’t necessarily paint a picture of professionalism. It may not be a deal breaker, but still…could be improved.

Customer Complaints
Our own experience with Finpari was solid enough, but it’s hard to overlook the fact that while carrying out our research into the experiences of others, there were certain patterns evident in the customer complaints we came across. For the most part, dissatisfaction among traders seemed to focus on extreme difficulties in withdrawing and accessing funds – sometimes with respect to confusing terms and conditions, others with absolutely no explanation whatsoever. In addition, many have voiced criticisms over the terms and conditions attached to Finpari’s bonus offers not being communicated nearly as clearly as they should be.

Of course, this was not our personal experience of Finpari and aside from a few bugs here and there, the platform itself seemed to be solid enough.

The Upside
As mentioned, we were very impressed by the overall platform and site design presented by Finpari, while the educational resources were both abundant and useful. We also had nothing but positive experiences with the Finpari customer service team.

The Downside
On the flip side of things, the fact that certain promises are not kept doesn’t inspire confidence – especially with a broker that does not currently hold any kind of regulation or licensing. In addition, the patterns we came across while researching the experiences of other customers were a little on the disconcerting side.

Bringing it all together, Finpari is definitely a binary options broker we believe is at least worthy of a second look. To be frank, the package as a whole is somewhere on the mediocre side – not the best but certainly not the worst you will come across. There are definitely areas for improvement and it seems not all traders working with Finpari have the same largely positive experience we did. Nevertheless, if you are the kind of trader for whom regulation and licensing are of the utmost importance, you probably won’t find what you’re looking for with Finpari.  

Contact Information:
Telephone –+442038088047
Live Chat – via https://www.finpari.com/en/contacts