23rd February 2017

IQ Option

When you think about it, putting together a solid binary options trading service shouldn’t be particularly difficult. Technically speaking, all that’s needed is a simplified and streamlined user interface, plenty of trading instruments, a solid archive of educational resources and total reliability. Nevertheless, there are still so many these days who seem to get the recipe entirely wrong.

On the plus side, we can say without any hesitation that IQ Option is most certainly not one such example. Owned and operated by IQ Option Europe Ltd. and with countless years of experience doing what they do best, they’ve built the kind of pedigree that speaks for itself. Quite simply, IQ Option’s mission is to set a positive example to the rest of the market, by bridging the gaps and filling the holes present in most service packages.

And as far as we can tell for the time being at least, it looks as if they’ve done exactly that.

Award-Winning Service

Over recent years, IQ Option has managed to scoop up a wide variety of prestigious awards and accolades – one of which being no less than the Best Binary Options Broker of 2016. But what’s interesting is the way in which they’ve managed to do this without offering the biggest library of assets, the most extensive tools and features or even a generous selection of trading instruments. Instead, they’ve done it by focusing on what really matters to traders at all levels – the overall user experience and total commitment to customers.

As far as the platform itself goes, there’s absolutely nothing about the way IQ Option is presented that isn’t first-rate. According to the team behind the scenes, the platform was co-developed by experienced traders and leading web designers, in order to ensure that absolutely everything that made the final cut was both useful and functional. The whole thing is genius in its simplicity – powerful enough for the most demanding traders out there, but also streamlined and simplified enough for newcomers to get to grips with in no time. Customisable charts, technical indicators and a navigation system that makes trading with IQ Option an absolute joy. And having been put together around the highly popular SpotOption trading platform, it’s also nice and familiar.

One thing we found both interesting and surprising about IQ Option is the way in which there are in fact only two trading types to choose from. Along with the usual call/put options, the only other trading type available is the company’s own Turbo Options. That’s it…quite a long way from the half-dozen trading types you might be used to elsewhere. On the plus side, the trading types that are available are likely to cater to most trading styles and preferences – particularly those on the lookout for fast results as expiry times start from just 30 seconds.

Simple Account Selection

As for the signup process, the way in which IQ Option approaches account types will undoubtedly divide opinion. In terms of paid accounts, there are only two options available – one standard, one VIP. As far as we’re concerned however, this is a pretty fantastic way of handling things. Given the way in which the overwhelming majority of traders are guaranteed to sign up for standard accounts, this means that the same level of customer service, attention and priority is paid to every single trader, rather than focusing on high-rollers and short-changing everybody else. There are of course plenty of perks that accompany the VIP account, but with an entry deposit fee of $3,000, it probably isn’t for most. While on the subject, another genuinely incredible thing about the way in which IQ Option handles accounts is how signing up for the standard account means having to deposit a minimum of just $10. This is by a considerable margin the lowest minimum deposit of any trading platform what we have come across to date – the vast majority demanding deposits of at least $250.

So it’s safe to say that IQ Option is shaping up to be a great choice for newcomers – something taken a step further by the fact that they offer a 100% free demo account. Not one of those misleading demo accounts where you first have to deposit a hefty sum – 100% free of charge and free of all limitations. So if you want to get to grips with what’s on offer before handing over any money, you can do exactly that.

No Bogus Bonuses

Remaining with the theme of simplicity, the asset index at IQ Option features somewhere in the region of 70 entries comprising stocks, indices, Forex currency pairs and commodities. Definitely not the largest selection you’ll come across, but each and every example has been selected in accordance with quality and demand.

A Mobile Marvel

When it comes to the mobile application on offer for IQ Option customers, the response pretty much speaks for itself. This is one of the few mobile binary options apps we have come across where the overwhelming majority of users have had nothing but positive things to say about it. Which isn’t exactly surprising, given the way in which it is no less than a work of art. Rather than a watered-down version of the standard desktop experience, the mobile app if nothing else makes the entire trading experience even more enjoyable and streamlined.

As for customer service, customer representatives are available on a 24/7 basis and can be contacted by telephone, email or live chat. We always put customer care teams through their paces with all manner of weird and wonderful questions and queries – each and every one being met with enthusiasm and professionalism by IQ Option. But then again, this is a customer service team that has likewise won countless awards over the years.

There’s not a great deal that needs to be said about payment types, currencies or transactions, given the way in which IQ Option accepts absolutely any kind of payment types you could ever wish to use, boasts some of the fastest processing times on the web and has a comprehensively fair and agreeable policy in terms of fees and charges.

The Upside
When considering everything on offer, you find yourself with a pretty extensive list of advantages that come with signing up with IQ Option. Along with offering one of the best platforms currently available, being able to sign up from as little as $10 and being offered a limitless demo account free of charge represent extremely valid reasons to get started. Combined with 90% maximum payouts, an incredible mobile application and a brilliant customer service team, it’s hard to find any reason not to give IQ Option total recommendation.

The Downside
If we had to highlight any possible negatives about what’s on offer, some traders may not be happy with the lack of bonus offers or the fact that there are only two account types available. As already mentioned however, we personally see both of these as advantageous.

To be honest, you really only have to look at the figures to gain a good idea of what’s happening at IQ Option. To date, they have signed up more than 11 million customers spanning 28 countries and facilitate over 1.5 million trades every single day. What’s more, they were also recently taken on as an official partner of Aston Martin Racing.

Long story short therefore, this is far from the kind of shady, dishonest or unreliable broker that has a nasty habit of dominating the market these days. Quite to the contrary, IQ Option is just about as safe, reliable and fantastic to work with as it gets.

Contact Information:
Customer Service – +44 203 318 7173
Email – [email protected]
Registered Office –Yiannis Nicolaides Business Center, Agiou Athanasiou Avenue 33, 4102, Agios Athanasios, Limassol, Cyprus